Naz Music has multiple Music Industry Products & Services

Independent distribution for Independent Artists

Why Naz Music? Well, because it matters to us what happens to your music! Before we selected an Independent Distribution Partner, we evaluated them all (and there are DOZENS)! For Cost of Entry, Ease of Use, Payment Policies, Reputation within the Industry, for their ability to adapt to change, their Marketing Skills and other important shared resources. We also spent years studying Rights Management, the Digital Music Supply Chain as well as Music Industry Business Models, to ensure we could achieve the very best results for our Artists & Producers.

Production Music Library

We have a robust Production Music Library of one-stop compositions in: Vintage Jazz & Big Bands, New Age Lounge, Gypsy, Exotica, Surf, Spy, Spaghetti Westerns, traditional & modern Classical, Ultra Lounge, Rock Operas, Contemporary, Blues & other outer worldly genres. From The Ventures in Space to electrified Bach – we’ve got every emotive shade for your TV, Film, or Advertising project. For more information on our Production Music Library, click on Licensing via our overhead menu.

Content Production Studio

And secondarily, we are a Content Production Studio. We specialize in producing & licensing top shelf guitar solo’s & duo’s recorded in HiDef using analog tube driven equipment, emulating nostalgic soundscapes. We also remaster Vintage Master Recording Reels for entry into Digital Music Markets.

Music Industry Consulting Services

And finally, Naz Music offers consulting services to Independent Artists to assist them in their pursuit of becoming independent business owners and members of the new Digital Music Supply Chain. For more information on our consulting services, click on Services via our overhead menu.