Reno Schembri

Reno (aka: naz•a•reno) is an emerging composer of guitar with interests in Jazz, Surf, New Age Lounge, Gypsy, Exotica, Spy, Spaghetti Westerns, Contemporary, as well as Blues. He has written dozens of original compositions to date. As a solo virtuoso, Reno’s talent has been described by critics, as: “an Olympic guitar player” or “in a class of his own” as well as “a musician’s musician”, and has been compared to the likes of Wes Montgomery, The Ventures, Charlie Byrd, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Santana – to name a few.

An innovative and diversified Solo Guitarist, Reno was not only self discovered at the age of five, but took the opportunity to further explore this love for music to much higher levels over the next 40 years. Now with many years of devotion, practice – and most important of all persistence – he has developed a quality of sound and arrangement, which can only be described as his own. A style which he plays with the utmost skill, intensity and authenticity.

Reno currently makes the city of Vancouver (BC) his home. He has a small studio where he continues to develop and record original material. Once you hear his music you will truly understand his ability to tell a story musically. Having no lyrics to guide your train of thought, each composition transcends most barriers in today’s marketspace, as the music itself may be interpreted in as many ways as the universe permits.

Jack Millman

Jack is an American Jazz musician (trumpet, flugelhorn, piano), arranger, composer and music producer who is primarily known for his sessions with now-famous West Coast Jazz musicians of the 1950s & 1960s.

Jack is also known as Johnny Kitchen – but, who is Johnny Kitchen? Was he a Vancouver-BC weatherman with a penchant for strange music? Was he in cahoots with Frank Zappa sidekick Wild-Man Fischer? Does he really exist??? For years collectors have been perplexed by the handle of the mysterious record producer whose name has been associated with some of the strangest Garage Rock, Surf, R&B, Progressive, Psychedelic, Soul and Jazz music ever committed to vinyl by groups with names like Licorice Stix, The Pros, The Tarots, The Blues Train, The Crazy People, The Surf Riders, The True’th, The Afro Blues Quintet Plus One, The Afro Soultet, among many others. Now the proverbial “cat” is out of the bag… Johnny Kitchen is musician, producer & entrepreneur – Jack Millman!

Chris Godber

Chris Godber (God – brrr) has become a highly sought after performer in both the Smooth Jazz & Gospel Jazz realms. He’s been playing some of the nation’s largest jazz festivals and constantly selling out his own shows at various jazz clubs throughout the country thanks to his addictive melodies and inspiring performances. Having two albums make Top 10 on the Groove Jazz Music Charts, and recently picked up by Sirius XM’s Watercolors program as well as PANDORA haven’t hurt either. However, he isn’t just another sax player. When Godber performs his goal is not just to entertain, but to inspire. He does both well because he’s lived it. Despite being told by doctors he wouldn’t be able to play the saxophone due to of the severity of his asthma, he took to it anyway. Picking up the sax in middle school band at age 12, he was first drawn to the sound of the saxophone while living in Germany. His family was military and while being stationed overseas the majority of their entertainment came from music as they picked up one channel on their television. As Godber recalls, “I was a product of the 80’s and Kenny G was getting pretty popular around that time. My parents were Big Kenny G fans!” No doubt it may have sparked his appreciation for the saxophone, but he definitely has a sound all his own with a healthy dose of R&B and Gospel roots showing through. For over 20 years, Godber has been leaving others breathless with his soulful saxophone playing and inspiring testimony.

​For 2018, Godber is keeping things moving with the release of his 5th album, MOMENTUM. The project features special guests, Bob Baldwin and Adam Hawley for a fresh and soulful, up-tempo project sure to offer something for every smooth jazz fan!

Jacob Seyer

Jacob SeyerInternational artist, acoustic guitarist, and composer – Jacob Seyer – offers an exciting and fluid aesthetic as well as an extensive grasp of guitar technique in his music. Recently returned from an international tour with concerts in Canada, USA, and South America, Jacob’s newest full length album, “Migration” is quickly gaining traction as a groundbreaking collection of new music for the guitar.

His music is now available to worldwide audiences both on public streaming sites and to producers of film and TV through a recent publishing contract with Naz Music.

Jacob’s performances of instrumental guitar music are progressive, energetic, and introspective – blending elements of modern percussive guitar, contemporary classical and jazz, and various folk musics. Since graduating in 2017 with a Masters Degree in Guitar Performance at the University of British Columbia, Jacob has filled his schedule with teaching, volunteering for local and international music non-profits, and producing music with support from around the world.

Five years after his first EP release (A Change in Season, 2013), Jacob’s debut full length album, Migration (2018) tells a story of overcoming tragedy, movement, and re-integration.

Jafelin Helten

Jafelin is one of Canada’s preeminent Flamenco and Latin singers. Jafelin’s serious approach to Flamenco and her warm, innovative approach to Boleros, Latin Jazz Ballads, is intuitive and evokes intimate and heartfelt emotion. Her voice is rich and unique in the way she handles tones and dynamics of the songs she sings. Often the accompaniment is well orchestrated with a special blend of traditional instruments with new styles.

Jafelin made her recording debut with guitarist, Juan de Maria’s on his studio release Mimbre. Her own albums can be found on streaming services worldwide. Algo De Mi, a latin jazz boleros compilation and Cantos y Memorias de mi Gente, a collaboration with the unique international Cuban band, Brisas Del Palmar, recorded in Santiago de Cuba.