Naz Music welcomes Jafelin Helten to Our Roster!

We are pleased to welcome Jafelin Helten to the Naz Music Roster! Jafelin joined us earlier in the Spring, and brings to Naz Music a wealth of cultural music experiences & performances.

Jafelin is one of Canada’s preeminent Flamenco and Latin singers. She is also popular within Vancouver’s local scene performing with all flamenco groups for almost 20 years. Passionate about Flamenco, Jafelin has continuously studied or collaborated with the highest caliber of Flamenco artists and aficionados from Spain and internationally to deepen her knowledge and understanding the essence of cante and baile.  She has the honour of being recognized and accepted as an international flamenco cantaora in Spain, a position very difficult to attain.

Naz Music Adds Jacob Seyer to the Roster!

We are pleased to announce a very special addition to the Naz Music Roster! After discovering Jacob at the Vancouver International Guitar Festival in July 2018, we immediately felt we needed to work with Jacob to help him realize his dreams of publishing his amazing body of work.

Jacob is a Progressive & Innovative Jazz Artist, capable of creating musical soundscapes with such depth and intricate skill – an old soul at such a young age. Jacob’s music made us stop in our tracks, and it will for you too! Stay tuned for Jacob’s second Studio Album release, to be released globally by 4th quarter 2018.

Film Placement ~ The Wife

Super stoked to advise that we have recently placed one of Jack Millman’s original compositions, Da Bluesiest Blues, in the upcoming Glenn Close film – The Wife! The Wife will have a UK release in October 2017, while the US release will be closer to December 2017.

Happy New Year!

We’d like to start off the year by advising our partners that we have taken on the administration of the Jack Millman Catalog! This is a LARGE collection of Analog Master Reels from 1950s thru to 1990s with Jazz, Swing & Big Band selections. It is our intention to digitize The Millman Collection to HiDef (192KHz, 24-bit) and offer the Digital Masters (with Jack’s permission) for Synch placement in TV & Film. Stayed tuned, as we slowly bring Jack’s catalog online!

Progression Notes

The Country Ballad is really starting to take shape, and is nearing completion of it’s development. Soon, we will record this upbeat “Yet Unnamed” composition.

And then, out of nowhere, Reno wrote another Country Ballad with haunting and gospel tones! Surprise! A sweet and catchy little tune that we can’t wait to show you. So far, our working title is: A River of Dreams. This composition will be suited for Drama & Romance films, that revolve around country life.

Current Projects

A quick note to advise of the current projects we are working on:

  • The recording of certain Bach compositions, electrified, ornamated & highly stylized increasinging it’s accesiblity for underscoring in TV & Film
  • The Cocktail Pilots have several recording projects underway! They will be recording & releasing more of Reno’s original Surf compositions (in typical Cocktail Pilot style!), plus recording tributes of our favourite Surf Bands of the 1960s! Stay tuned for those releases in Summer 2016!
  • The recording of Reno’s remaining Rock Opera’s – there are quite a few of them. These are mood enhanced compositions that lend well to credits, as they provide extended musical journeys that are over 5 minutes in length.
  • The start of recording Cues and Moods for underscoring – a la Guitar! Reno’s got hundreds of idea’s to publish that present “mood sound scapes”, which pair with visual media very well!
  • And very exciting – Reno’s on a writing spree and completing new compositions! He is currently working a Country Ballad, to be released in Summer 2016!

It’s Official!

.: March 2016 :.

Naz Music propels into existence! We begin our Corporate journey with the Business creation and we offcially move into start-up mode!