Music Consultation

Are you ready for Distribution? Are you aware of all the steps required in order to succeed as an Artist in today’s fast paced and ever evolving marketspace? Naz Music is now offering Music Consultation to Artist and aspiring Labels, to help you document and manage your Plan of Action. Avoid costly errors, while implementing industry standards. We can help you select a Distributor that caters to your needs and genre, help you properly register your works with all the PROs, and help you select and engage Third Party vendors who will assist you in collecting your Royalties worldwide.

The industry is currently experiencing disruption, as the old system is ushered out and a new, more efficient & transparent digital system is rolled in. We’ve been keeping a close eye on these industry changes and continuously update our procedures as soon as new processes emerge. We will not be caught unprepared. Don’t leave your success to fate – plan ahead and be confident in your decisions!

Independent Distribution

Whether you are looking to distribute your entire catalog to Streaming Music Services, or emerge as a Label – we can help you get there! Naz Music is now offering Global Distribution for both Artists and small Labels.

Our Distribution Partner offers a range of services that cater to Independent Music Creators!

Music Distribution

Deliver your music to major providers such as Spotify, Beatport, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, TIDAL, Pandora, YouTube, Napster, Google Play, Instagram & Facebook and many more. We have direct partnerships with each of our DSPs, allowing each Creator to maintain 100% control of your music’s rights.

Music Video Distribution

Let us deliver your video(s) to the most important video destinations, including VEVO, Amazon, iTunes, and Tidal. Upload once, and we’ll deliver it everywhere for a nominal fee.

Music Monetization

Earn revenue from YouTube Content ID, your YouTube Channel, and your Soundcloud profile while ensuring your copyrights are protected.


Get access to high-quality branding, creative design, release design packages, video design, digital marketing, advertising, video optimization and more. Before, during, and after your music is distributed, we work together with our partners to expand your reach. Our marketing and client teams pitch your music to playlist curators, influencers, and digital service providers across the globe.

Rights Management

Exploit your music potential while you collect every cent you’ve earned from it. We offer Publishing Administration, Neighboring Rights Administration and Sync Representation.

New Media Distribution

Already adding to our extensive partnerships, Symphonic focuses on new styles of media that can be distributed. Sample Packs, STEMS, Ringtones, and, the distribution of licensed cover songs are available if accepted.


The very latest in technology enables you to deliver your music to all of our partnerships, with you having the choice of where to deliver to, get paid monthly and review helpful data to make decisions, and, promotional tools such as a Promo Mailer, and a customized Social Media Manager.

Plus a wide selection of A La Carte Offerings

Video Distribution, YouTube Content ID, Channel Management, SoundCloud Monetization, Publishing Admin, Sync Representation & much more!