Current Projects

A quick note to advise of the current projects we are working on:

  • The recording of certain Bach compositions, electrified, ornamated & highly stylized increasinging it’s accesiblity for underscoring in TV & Film
  • The Cocktail Pilots have several recording projects underway! They will be recording & releasing more of Reno’s original Surf compositions (in typical Cocktail Pilot style!), plus recording tributes of our favourite Surf Bands of the 1960s! Stay tuned for those releases in Summer 2016!
  • The recording of Reno’s remaining Rock Opera’s – there are quite a few of them. These are mood enhanced compositions that lend well to credits, as they provide extended musical journeys that are over 5 minutes in length.
  • The start of recording Cues and Moods for underscoring – a la Guitar! Reno’s got hundreds of idea’s to publish that present “mood sound scapes”, which pair with visual media very well!
  • And very exciting – Reno’s on a writing spree and completing new compositions! He is currently working a Country Ballad, to be released in Summer 2016!